New Halloween Safety Ideas For Adults and Children

Enjoy a happy and safe Halloween with these important safety tips for both adults and children.

Halloween is just a few days away now! Whether you'll be a party-goer or a trick-or-treater, taking necessary safety precautions this Thursday night can be the difference between a full bag of candy and a trip to the emergency room. Here's a quick crash course to keep you and your family safe this Halloween.

Halloween Safety for Children

As a child walking around the street at night, being a trick-or-treater has its fair share of risks. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that child pedestrians are almost four times as likely to be hit by an automobile during Halloween than on any other day. 

To help reduce child pedestrian accidents,  make sure your child is wearing visible clothing. If his or her costume is a predominantly dark color, an easy and affordable hack is to simply clip a flashing bike light to the back of your child's costume. This way you'll be able to keep a track of them while also making sure they are visible to distracted drivers. 

It can also be a great idea to add a colored glow-stick to your child's candy pail. Even as it fills, the glow-stick will emanate a surprising amount of light so you'll still be able see where your child is at all times. To prevent them from getting lost during the night, you can also opt to install a family tracking app like Life360 on you and your child's phone. Apps like these will provide you with real-time updates about your child's location, giving you peace of mind. Other common ideas include attaching reflector strips to the costume for increased visibility or giving your child a flashlight to navigate the dark neighborhood. 

While automobiles are responsible for most of the deaths that occur every Halloween, there also looms the potential danger of your neighbors themselves. However, there are a few ways to reduce these risks, as much as you want to believe that all your neighbors are good people. If you feel like your children are old and mature enough to trick-or-treat without you around, at least instruct them on how to use the emergency SOS buttons on both Android and iOS devices. 

For an iPhone, simply hold down the side button and one of the volume buttons until an Emergency SOS slider appears. Continue to hold until an alert is sounded and an emergency 911 call will be made with location details. For Android, tap on the Emergency Call button on the lock screen and in most cases the dial screen will populate with 911. Take time to teach your children how to speak with a police officer so they don't freeze up in fear when the time comes. 

As a rule of thumb, make sure they always have a friend or group of friends with them at all times. Also, instruct them to only approach houses that are well lit. Never approach a dark house. And make sure they have a cell phone on them and it is sufficiently charged.

The last way you can keep your kids safe this Halloween is by inspecting their candy before they are allowed to eat it. Every year, there are reports of dangerous objects being hidden inside pieces of candy. While it may not go over well with your kids, make sure to toss any homemade treats and only allow sealed candy to be eaten. Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to the people you love most.

Halloween Safety for Adults

Children aren’t the only ones that are at heightened risk for accidents and injury on Halloween. Every year, the number of fatalities spike on Halloween and the weekend before. Most of these accidents had alcohol consumption involved, as party-goers come and leave clubs, house parties and other social gatherings. While it may seem common sense, plan on ordering an Uber or Lyft if a designated driver is not available. You can also try to arrange an overnight stay if you are good friends with the host. However, if you do end up driving on Halloween night, try to avoid cutting through neighborhood roads as much as possible, as the majority of trick-or-treaters will be in these areas. 

This goes for both adults and children: do not carry a realistic-looking weapon, such as a gun. According to a report by the Washington Post, from 2015 to 2016, 86 people were accidentally shot for carrying a toy gun. If you will be attending a party, make sure to never go alone unless you know the people there. Having someone that can watch your back and cut you off when you’ve had enough adult beverages is invaluable on a night like Halloween. Speaking of alcohol, never leave your drink unattended at a party, as this can give malicious individuals a chance to spike your drinks with drugs. 

Halloween is a treasured holiday looked forward to by millions of adults and children. However, more important than filling that bucket full of candy or having a wild night at a party is waking up safe and sound the next morning (save for any hangovers or stomach aches from too many sweets). Follow these general tips this Thursday night and have a happy and safe Halloween!

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