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Summertime Means Cold, Refreshing Beverages

Summertime Means Cold, Refreshing Beverages

As we celebrate summer, I decided to create a wine based Margarita as I don’t drink Tequila. I cook with Tequila! Great for marinating your skirt steak. Yummm! I don’t remember here we were…We were given samples by a vendor at a music industry convention of their Wine Margarita and they were really good! Recently I tried to buy some near me and there were none? So I put on my thinking hat.

What is Naturopathic Medicine and How Does it Work?

What is Naturopathic Medicine and How Does it Work?

Naturopathic Medicine combines modern medical knowledge and diagnostic techniques with traditional healing arts. It’s a system of medicine that treats the patient as a unique individual with complex genetics, biochemistry, health histories and lived experiences, all of which affect physical health and emotional wellbeing.

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Aggressive Human-biting Tick Invades Connecticut Area

In unfortunate news, populations of a new, aggressive human-biting tick have been discovered in Connecticut and are rapidly spreading across the state. It is currently unknown how The Lone Star Tick, or Amblyomma americanum, entered the Connecticut area as it is...

Space Tourism is Just on the Horizon

The space exploration community is buzzing with excitement as several private companies draw nearer to sending tourists into space, potentially in the coming year. While the concept of recreational space travel has been around for many years, we finally possess the...

Thawing Permafrost is Threatening our Future

There’s no denying that our current environmental crisis is a hot topic that is being discussed by scientists, politicians and activists around the world. While issues such as single-use plastics, automobile emissions and deforestation are commonly cited as...

Tips for Super Nutrient-Packed Garden Soil

While some of us are lucky enough to have backyards and planters with excellent and nutritious soil, ready for planting, others aren’t so lucky. Some plots have rocky or sandy soil that is dry, hard and devoid of nearly all life that is essential for healthy plants to grow. If this is the case for you and your garden, here are some helpful tips for creating the perfect environment for your plants to thrive!

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Travel Safety Tips for Your International Adventures

With the holidays just around the corner now, it’s time to start getting excited about those vacations you may have planned! However, whether you’ll be walking through a German Christmas market or experiencing the architectural wonders of Turkish mosques, it’s important to brush up on important travel safety practices before packing your bags.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dispersed Camping

Whether you’re hiking across Catalina Island or braving the length of the Pacific Crest Trail, chances are you’ll be doing a bit of dispersed camping. For those that don’t know, dispersed camping is the act of setting up a campsite in a wilderness area that has not...

The Lakes Trail: A Hidden Gem in California

When people think of California, the first things that pop to mind are probably Los Angeles, Disneyland or the Golden Gate Bridge. And while these man-made wonders are impressive and offer so much to our society, California also features some of the most beautiful...

The Thrifty Millennial’s Guide for Traveling on a Budget

The last time you jumped on Instagram, you probably saw more than a few photos of people traveling the world, having unforgettable experiences and learning about new cultures. However, you don’t need to be a trust-fund baby or make millions in a tech start-up to enjoy...