As a competitive basketball player, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my game. Whether it’s the latest shoe technology or advanced sports nutrition, I know that each aspect will help me gain an edge over my opponent. One of the most fundamentally necessary aspects of the game is practice, and more importantly, efficient practice. A truly great player looks to minimize weaknesses in his or her game during these practice sessions. 

This is why I was so excited when I heard about the HomeCourt app through a highlight video featuring NBA All-Star and 2-time MVP, Steve Nash. As one of the shooting greats, Steve Nash was one of the most fundamentally sound point guards of the 2000’s. Because of this, I was instantly hooked and wanted to learn more about the app that he was supporting. 

How It Works

HomeCourt combines advanced video AI technology with the convenience of your iPhone or iPad to create a truly revolutionary practice experience for basketball players around the world. By capturing your very movements and analyzing them, HomeCourt provides you with an in-depth look at your shooting percentages, mechanics and other advanced metrics. It even tracks more subtle aspects of the game such as dribbling and movements.

Particularly for shooting, HomeCourt can have a number of benefits that will transfer right over to your percentages. And the coolest part is that as you adjust your shot based on the digital feedback, you will see your percentage charts rise as you improve. Talk about visible improvements!

To set up the HomeCourt app, all you will need is your phone and phone stand or tripod of some sort. Simply attach the iPhone to the stand, ensuring that it has a clear view of the full three-point line. A good spot for the stand us just at the half-court line. Once your stand is in the proper position, open the app, and adjust your player profile settings. 

In addition to the legendary Steve Nash, many trainers and player development coaches within the NBA and WNBA circles are also beginning to use this state-of-the-art technology to improve their own players. Whether you’re in a community league or Division 1 college basketball, being able to shoot is a tool that is required by almost all positions in the modern basketball era. HomeCourt helps you track and improve your shooting mechanics in the following areas:

  • Shot type
  • Release time
  • Release angle
  • Speed
  • Vertical
  • Leg angle

With multiple pricing packages and a 14-day free trial, HomeCourt has made accessing their elite training tool an affordable option for the public. As a player that grew up with one worn-out basketball and a hoop with no nets, it’s exciting to see how technology is improving the game and allowing anyone to practice efficiently and effectively. To learn more about how the HomeCourt app can improve your game, visit their website here.