As the colder months draw nearer, it’s natural to want to stay inside and enjoy some fireside technology. Whether it’s watching a movie on a tablet, putting in some extra hours of work in the home office, or chatting with a friend on the phone, there’s no doubt that technology use increases dramatically as summer begins to fade and people move indoors. Unfortunately, this can lead to a myriad of health conditions as EMF and Blue Light exposure begins to rocket and will only worsen with the introduction of 5G technology.

For years, the tech world has been excited about the “fifth-generation” in the evolution of wireless technology.  The commercial arrival of 5G is upon us and with major telecommunication companies starting to launch their next wireless networks in 2020. We are even sending 5G-enabled satellites into space on preparation for the 5G adoption.

Typically, each generation has occupied a higher frequency band than its predecessor. 4G and all those before it fell within frequencies of 300 megahertz to 3 gigahertz. Low-Band and Mid-Band 5G signals operate at frequencies up to 6 GHz. High-Band frequencies will use 24 GHz and higher and will introduce the millimeter wave, which starts at 30 GHz and go up to 300 GHz.

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Millimeter waves have a major downside. They don’t travel as far as lower-frequency waves–they are unable to pass through buildings, and are absorbed by trees, earth’s atmosphere, and even the uppermost layers of human skin. To get around this issue, telecom companies will install small cells (which essentially are short-range cellular antennas) in huge numbers.

We have been hearing about the unknown health effects of 5G EMF radiation emissions from the wireless industry. Countries like Belgium are banning the 5G technology and schools are reporting an increase in cancer victims in the local areas.

This letter, written by a biochemistry professor and internationally known scientist on the subject of EMF health effects, Dr. Martin Pall, discusses the dangers of 5G; some key excerpts are listed below:

“EMFs act by activating channels in the membrane that surrounds each of our cells, called voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs). The EMFs put forces on the voltage sensor that controls the VGCCs of about 7.2 million times greater than the forces on other charged groups in our cells. This is why weak EMFs have such large biological effects on the cells of our bodies.

EMFs are, in most cases, more biologically active and therefore more dangerous than are non-pulsed (continuous wave) EMFs. All cordless communication devices communicate via pulsations because it is the pulsations that carry the information communicated.

5G will be much more active in activating the VGCCs and producing health impacts because of its rapid absorption by materials in the body, because of its very rapid pulsations, and because of the huge number antennae they are planning to put up, at least 200 times the number of antennae from all current cell phone towers. What this means is that the impacts on the outer one to two inches of our bodies will be massive.”

Among the major ill-effects we will likely see some time after the introduction of 5G, according to Dr. Pall, include increases in blindness, hearing loss, male infertility, skin cancers, thyroid issues, and nervous system dysfunction.

Another letter, this one signed by over 180 doctors and scientists and written last year, urged the European Union to take some key actions, including:

  1. Temporarily halting the rollout of 5G networks until they can be properly tested and ensured safe for humans (especially more vulnerable demographics, like children) and the environment.
  2. Informing people of the health risks associated with wireless communication and promoting safer use.
  3. Creating an independent, unbiased agency of EMF scientists to draw up new standards for EMF exposure and monitor/study the effects of EMR as time goes on.
  4. Keeping the wireless industry from lobbying for/influencing/regulating the expansion of wireless technology.
  5. Switching to favor wired digital communication over wireless.

As one can see, a large portion of the scientific community is against a mass rollout of 5G networks with great concern on how this new technology will affect public health. While more research is needed on the subject of EMF radiation, it is wise to take precautions to limit exposure until additional data is revealed. Visit or call 860-651-3521 or more information on reducing the impact of EMF radiation.