Periodically, I get asked about what it means to be “holistic” in business. Is that even possible? When we recognize that “holistic” is a mindset that can apply in every element, it’s easy to see how it applies in business. In general, there are two steps involved in seeing how we can be holistic in business. The first is recognizing how our health relates to our money…

Is money stressing you out? That’s not good for your health!

Is your health stressing you out? That’s not good for your budget!

It can be tempting to think that we do not need or want money. “I’m above such things!”

It is likewise tempting to think that money fixes everything… It does not.

Yet money makes life easier AND makes it easier to get and stay healthy. The healthier we are, the more we make good decisions in all areas of our lives.

But if we give up our “holistic” values to make money, then who are we helping? And will the long-term consequences come back to bite us?

The second part of applying a holistic mindset to business-building is looking at the big picture as well as our own circumstances.

The term “holistic” really refers to a spectrum of possibilities that we can choose from as they make sense to us. The key is to be aware of what is available and be able to access it for ourselves. We can all get on the bridge at an time from any position in life. We can all learn and grow from a new point-of-view and sharing a variety of perspectives expands us all. 

Still, there are certain hallmarks of a holistic, integrated and green-sustainable business: 

  • Balancing short-term results with long-term consequences. We all have bills to pay and, yet, some decisions that seem to make sense today will do damage over time. Consider carefully.
  • Integrity and honesty in our dealings with others. Almost everyone knows a contractor who will underbid a job with the expectation of upselling later. How would that work for you?
  • Organic, fair trade and natural. Considering the earth and people all over the planet creates better results for everyone.
  • Complementary and integrative. There are many solutions that can work well together. 
  • Green, eco-friendly and sustainable. What is the impact on the environment?
  • Fair to everyone, including ourselves. Taking care of yourself allows you to better care for others.
  • Avoiding judgment in favor of inclusion… Help them all with your products/services!
  • Awareness of the link between mind-body-spirit and business-budget-planet. This is important on both the micro- (personal) and macro- (worldwide) level. If we didn’t realize that before, the recent COVID-19 condition has made that clear.

Successful business owners are helpful and understanding (unless they make their $$$ by promoting a specific hot-button issue or niche attitude).

In general, if you want to encourage customers, clients and patients to purchase your products and services, it doesn’t help to get in debates about right and wrong, good and bad. As an example, for someone to want to try your product or service, it doesn’t matter whether they are vegan or not. Even if you operate a vegan restaurant, the best way to introduce them to the benefits of veganism is to get them eating a delicious vegan meal!

What matters is that they are ready to try something new and get it from you!




Camille Leon is the Founder and CEO of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She helps people find holistic approaches to health, life and business. She helps holistic professionals connect with more customers, clients and patients as well as like-minded business support. She is also a Speaker and Author available for online and in-person events. Looking for a speaker for your next online event? Call 310-490-6862 for availability or visit