With COVID-19 still a looming threat as we near the end of summer, it’s more important than ever to maintain strong chemical, physical and mental health. With the rising popularity of CBD products coinciding with the pandemic, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning toward cannabis-derived sources of nutrition and wellness. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the two main compounds present in cannabis and has recently been acknowledged for its wellness benefits, even amongst Western medicine practitioners.

CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant and unlike its cousin, TCH (tetrahydrocannabinol), contains no psychoactive properties and is not mind-altering in any way. Instead, CBD works to promote a sense of calm, balance and focus that can help to improve overall wellness. With increased awareness, CBD is finally being recognized for its many benefits.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about CBD is that it’s a cure-all,” says Dr. David Tolk of Tolk Wellness Center in Simsbury, CT. “It doesn’t cure a thing. Actually, it builds on the body’s natural ability to manage stress levels. The leading cause of disease is stress, and when we experience stress, our bodies are in a state of fight or flight, which is the opposite of a parasympathetic state that allows rest, digestion, recovery, and healing. CBD allows you to rest and get the stress levels down so that your body can heal better and easier. To me it is a stress reducer, and in the process of reducing stress, it helps to manage the other processes of your body better.”

Dr. David Tolk, Tolk Wellness Center

But with the CBD industry exploding in the past few years, there’s a myriad of new CBD companies popping up all the time. Many of these do not use organic practices and source all of their products from wholesale brokers. Most of these companies have never visited the actual farm, learned about the processes involved or tested for unwanted fillers. In addition, it’s not uncommon for these new companies to lack product liability insurance.

When looking for a CBD brand to trust, make sure they work closely with their farms to source the most organic and additive-free oils possible. In addition, do your research and check to see if their products are screened by independent third-party testers. This is the best way to ensure there are no additives our pesticides present in the end product.

Finally, while CBD isolates have their uses, CBD they are made from full-spectrum oils contain vital compounds and elements that are beneficial for your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Should your ECS be deficient, it can manifest itself in a variety of ailments and conditions. If you’re looking to supplement a healthy and functioning ECS, make sure you choose full-spectrum CBD products.

The best CBD companies also keep naturally occurring terpenes in their products, which are the flavor profiles present in different cannabis strains and are housed in the trichomes. These trichomes look like small white hairs on the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. When full-spectrum, terpene-rich oils are consumed, a unique phenomenon known as the “Entourage Effect” occurs in your body. Essentially, the unique interaction between the various components of the oil allows for increased effectiveness, as opposed to isolate CBD, which only contains the effects of cannabidiol.

Vitalibis, one of the most innovative and up-and-coming CBD companies, prioritizes quality over profit to help our communities live a healthier and more vibrant life. Vitalibis uses premium full-spectrum CBD extract to create the most effective and pure products for their customers. In addition, all Vitalibis products are validated by independent third-party testing labs for purity. Their products include:

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